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Top 20 Malaysia Small Cap Companies, These Are The Jewels For 2022


RHB Research recently published the 18th edition of Top Malaysia 20 Jewels 2022. RHB Research continues to persevere and maintain unwavering commitment towards producing yet another signature compendium of 20 top small-cap investment ideas despite the extremely challenging macroeconomic environment.

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The selection has been complicated by capital market volatility – buffeted by rising interest rates, high inflation, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and draconian lockdowns in China – we see a strong rebound in economic activities, with manufacturing and retail spending recovering swiftly. Valuation for small-cap stocks have also retraced, leading to a sizeable valuation gap to the big caps, making the investment thesis more compelling.

Top Malaysia 20 Jewels 2022

Here’s the list of Top 20 Malaysia Small Cap Companies for the year 2022 by RHB Research.

1. Aemulus Holdings

2. Bonia Corporation

3. CJ Century Logistics Holdings

4. Coastal Contracts

5. Dayang Enterprise Holdings

6. Dufu Technology Corp

7. Homeritz Corporation

8. Kawan Food

9. Kumpulan Fima

10. KKB Engineering

11. Nova Wellness Group

12. Optimax Holdings

13. Samchem Holdings

14. Sedania Innovator

15. Supercomnet Technologies

16. Texchem Resources

17. Tune Protect Group

18. Unimech Group


20. YBS International

The 20 companies featured are not within RHB Research’s existing coverage. Companies from 10 different sectors with an average market cap of MYR509m have been curated into this 2022 edition. Consumer and industrial products & services sectors feature prominently, making up 45% of the picks. All but five – which are Ace Market listed – of the 20 names reside on the Main Market.

Source: RHB Research Team

*All investors are advised to conduct their own independent research into individual stocks before making any decision to buy or sell. Investors are also advised that past stock performance is no guarantee of its future price.

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