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5 Instagram Finance Influencer Accounts to Follow


If your life feels too much like a parallel to ABBA’s “Money Money Money”, it may be time to take a look at your finances. Even so, it still is a good time to think about managing it wisely. With so much being thrown around about inflation, recession, and that one friend who spews cryptocurrency news on the daily – it can seem overwhelming to those who do not know where to start. The ‘finance influencer’ is also fast becoming a niche on social media – and there are many of them; how do you know where to start, lest you get an information overload?

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In an era where social media seems to be evolving at the speed of light – these platforms have also become a source of knowledge sharing. Different from financial vloggers or podcasts that usually take on a verbal, lengthy approach to dissecting every detail of the latest financial trend, Instagram finance influencer accounts rely on shorter, bite-sized information that can pique any doomscroller’s interest in a tiny square. 

Whether it is through meticulously designed layouts to match the account’s branding, or a series of fun-filled comics that make even the most hesitant reader want to know more, here are five of such IG accounts that will help you consider important pitstops on your financial journey, and what you can do next. 

For the youth: Financial Literacy for Youths

FLYouths IG post
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Possibly one of the greatest misconceptions about one’s financial journey is that some may be “too young” to start – when really, the one thing that youths have as an advantage is time to begin saving so they can reap the rewards later. @flyouths, the Instagram account of the Financial Literacy for Youths organisation was started by students for students with the goal of empowering youths through education. What’s even more impressive is that their team of researchers and journalists all comprise Malaysian university students across the globe! 

From short quizzes on Instagram Stories (also saved in a highlight reel, ICYMI) to breakdowns of world events such as the controversial ‘trickle-down economics’ plan or the long-term effects of EPF withdrawals – @flyouth ’s content is catered to today’s youth. Even if it may not spark a financial revolution just yet – at least those scrolling through their content will come away having learned something new. 

For women empowerment: Her Duit

Her Duit IG post
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Born out of the intention to share about finance from a female perspective, @her.duit has grown from being a podcast series on financial tips to one of the most shared Instagram accounts in the scene today. A passion project by Michelle Chin (who has since co-founded digital-first pet insurance company Oyen), the account explores the topics of debt, EPF i-investment, setting money goals and emergency funds in formats that are easy to digest. 

@her.duit also poses weekly thought-provoking questions via its “My Money Mondays” to kickstart dialogues surrounding various topics so they can hear from the audience themselves. By creating posts that tackle important financial topics that resonate with women – @her.duit is on a mission to empower as many as possible to live their best financially secure lives – and we are here for it!  

For those who need a helping hand: Dare to Finance

Dare To Finance IG posts
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@daretofinance, easily recognisable from its quirky DTF doodle is the brainchild of our friends from across the causeway. Aside from providing their two cents on all things finance (according to them, the other 98 cents is up to you!), they also have their very own fintech arm (Financial Pathway) that aids users in documenting, planning and managing their finances. 

Run by a team from a variety of backgrounds – including financial advisors – @daretofinance provides opportunities for users to ask them any finance-related queries. They are also available on their YouTube channel, podcast, medium channel – so you can consume their content and interact with them in whatever method works best for you! 

For visually impactful lessons: The Woke Salaryman

@thewokesalaryman, also started by a Singaporean probably needs no introduction – you’ve probably already seen them on your timeline! Providing financial advice through their own lived experiences, the account provides slice-of-life content depicted in a comic series, making it both engaging and memorable as one is able to glean their own learnings while swiping through short illustrations that make you think long after you reach the final frame. 

Through a series of carefully and clearly explained content – and a little bit of humour – The Woke Salaryman is proof that finance does not need to be boring, and can be understood by all. 

For those who want the best of both worlds: The Simple Sum

Simple Sun Instagram Grid

Need a little bit of advice with the help of visual aids? The Simple Sum, which got its start in Singapore (and is now present in Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines and Indonesia!) takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to the world of finance to help even those who are not in the know, get interested in how to manage their monies. 

Whether it is breaking down the unspoken rule of having to fight for paying for the bill after a meal, living harmoniously with housemates without overspending or how credit card interest rates work, each topic is handled with local context and nuance to make it as relatable as possible to people like you and me, leaving a lasting impact on how all the little things in life add up to the sums you pay in your bank account. 

By Grace Lim

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