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8 Categories of Real Estate Invesment Trusts (REITs) in Malaysia


Real estate or property is one of the ‘cliche profitable’ investment portfolios. Many people said that you can never go wrong with property or real estate investment. They never ‘betray’ you. It performs very well for the last few years.

Before REITs were introduced, an investor need to buy physical property to get exposure in real estate/property investment. But now, with REITs being introduced, an investor can just buy a fraction of the property prices.

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Simply put, REITs offer you a high-value commercial property at just a low price and without the need for you to buy the properties physically. It’s very interesting and tempting! Isn’t it?

We can also say that it’s an investment that gather funds and access better investment opportunities which in this case, property.

So, what are the categories of REITs in Malaysia? This categories came from PropertyGuru.

8 Categories of REITs

1. Hotels

hotel REITs

This includes any property with hotel business and also accommodation

2. Office

This includes office buildings or office spaces.

3. Retails

Malls REITs

This includes malls, shops or commercial shops.

4. Industrial

This includes factories, industrial buildings, and industrial lands.

5. Healthcare

Hospitals property reits

This includes clinics, hospitals, pharmacies or any healthcare buildings.

6. Warehouse

This includes storage and logistic facilities.

7. Carparks

car park reits

This includes car parks or parking infrastructure.

8. Residential

This includes residential properties, multi-unit properties or rental properties.

You can buy this REITs via your CDS account in Bursa Malaysia. These are 18 REITs that you can purchase from Bursa Malaysia as of 1st June 2022.

Source : Bursa Malaysia

Remember! There are syariah and non-syariah compliant REITs (this will be discussed in our next article).

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As you can see from the image above, you can invest in property (REITs) with less than RM100. It’s kind of great opportunities for those out there that want to save their money, take lower risk without having to buy hundreds of thousands or million of physical property.

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