Have you ever awoke at beginning of the day and wanted to have breakfast outside whilst taking part in a fresh morning however unsure wherein is the quality restaurant? You don’t need to worry because we will recommend 10 best places for breakfast and lunch in Selangor.

Restoran Ceria

1. Restoran Ceria, Section 3 Shah Alam

The Shah Alam people will definitely recognize the restaurant at Jalan RU 3/9a, Section 3, which is Ceria Restaurant. The restaurant is popular with a scrumptious breakfast of nasi lemak which has variety selections of dishes such as fried chicken, sambal sotong, fried lungs and shrimp. Cakoi here is more fluffy and crisp along with sweet and savory homemade coconut jam. The restaurant is a bit crowded on Sunday but with its delicious food you will be satisfied!

Chong Kok Kopitiam

2. Chong Kok Kopitiam, Klang

In Klang, nothing more exciting than starting your day with breakfast at Chong Kok Kopitiam. The old school’s three-course combination of nasi lemak, bread toast and half-cooked eggs and the atmosphere of old buildings it definitely makes customers feel like they were in the 70’s. Besides the cheap price, Kopi O is also one of the favorite drinks for visitors and some are coming from outside of Klang to try it. The cafe certainly tells the definition of Malaysia’s harmony as many visitors are made up of various races.

Lontong Klang

3. Lontong Klang, Section 7 Shah Alam

Lontong Klang has 3 branches and one of them is in Section 7, Shah Alam. It has been opened since the 1970’s. There are various types of lontong that can be tried which are fried egg lontong, chicken lontong and lontong special. Lontong Special is the main choice for visitors as its quantity is doubled from usual and has squid & fried egg. The taste of the gravy is delicious sweet spicy. You will regret if you come Shah Alam but didn’t try this food!

Warung Cikgu

4. Warung Cikgu Puchong, Bandar Bukit Puchong

If you are in Puchong and do not know what to eat during the day, Rice Mmanggey is the right choice for you. With the price of RM5, you can get the Nasi Manggey at this popular warung. The food is just like Nasi Kukus Ayam Goreng Berempah but chicken chopped in small pieces. Here also has coconut shake and ABC Oreo suitable for drinking during hot days.

Lontong King

5. Restoran Lontong King, Taman Sri Nanding

In Klang, there is Lontong Klang but in Hulu Langat is famous with Lontong King. The most interesting dishes at Lontong King Restaurant are nasi lemak with lamb curry. Not forgetting also kuih lopes which is best suited for dessert.

Warung Taman Klasik Rumbia

6. Warung Taman Klasik Rumbia, Sepang

In Sepang there is a well-known breakfast spot among Sepang residents named Warung Taman Klasik Rumbia. The warung is easily to be found because it is not far from the Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi Police Station. Due to its popularity with Nasi Lemak Goyang, it is always crowded with visitors in the morning. Besides, you can also enjoy a variety of morning dishes available.

Warung Kita

7. Warung Kita, Bangi

Although Nasi Mmanggey comes from Kelantan, this food is very popular in Selangor. There is another restaurant that serves Nasi Mmanggey at Warung Kita in Bangi. The concept is the same as in Warung Cikgu but the gravy is slightly different because it has long beans. You can come and try the food here as early as 9.00 am to avoid crowded.

Restoran Puteri

8. Restoran Puteri, Taman Sri Gombak

Puteri Taman Sri Gombak Restaurant is famous among of Selangor citizen because of their signature which is Honey Ice Tea. The presentation of Honey Ice Tea also looks quite interesting because it looks as if it is overflowing. In addition, the main menu which is nasi Kak Wok with various dishes such as turmeric chicken, lung pepper, crackers, goulash and sambal belacan is scrumptious if compared to other restaurants. The Puteri Taman Sri Gombak Restaurant is just around the corner from Maybank Seri Gombak and easily found. So what are you waiting for? Let’s try it!

Village Park

9. Village Park Restaurant, Damansara

In Damansara, there is a restaurant called Village Park Restaurant. The presence of the restaurant is very crowded especially in the morning because customers are fond of their nasi lemak that comes with fried chicken. The nasi lemak looks perfect especially the fluffy and fragrant rice and the sambal is also tasty even slightly spicy.

Pak Musa

 10. Nasi lemak Pak Musa, Banting

The restaurant has been operating since the late 70s by maintaining Pak Musa’s original recipes. The rice is cooked in a pan in the traditional way and the taste is light and not fatty when eaten. In addition, the sambal has an incredible taste of sweetness.

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