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Renewable Energy award for Maqo Technologies


Solar panel service provider’s mission is to make solar power accessible and affordable for everyone

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By Lee Min Keong

A passion to reduce the carbon footprint was the catalyst for solar panel service provider Maqo Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd to make its mark in the local renewable energy sector.

The company’s drive to be among the Top 5 solar panel service providers has borne fruit as Maqo Technologies was bestowed the Excellence in Renewable Energy award during the Global Business Leadership Award (GBLA) 2020 ceremony recently.

Having been in the industry for more than seven years, the company has served many residential customers, commercial and industrial owners, and even large-scale solar farms.

The company’s one mission is to reshape the energy landscape by making solar power accessible and affordable for everyone.

Maqo Technologies was founded by KK Kong, a Japanese trained engineer who holds a Master Degree in Engineering from the prestigious University of Tokyo.

The company diversified from its initial IT business and ventured into solar panel services after the government implemented the Fit-in Tariff programme to encourage the growth of solar energy nearly eight years ago.

“We understand our responsibility to protect and preserve our planet. We’re passionately dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint for Maqo and our clients and partners,” says a company spokesperson.

It was awarded a government contract in 2018 to maintain more than 120 solar sites. “Under this contract, we have developed a system to monitor the power generation 24/7 through our mobile app or websites.”

The company also has a strong technical team formed by a few engineers certified by the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA), and is able to provide customised solutions for every client.

Myths about solar panels

The spokesperson notes there are many myths about solar panels, be it high installation costs, being unreliable and fragile, etc. However, the costs have significantly decreased over the past 10-15 years which makes the return of investment much higher for all users nowadays.

“In Maqo, we only get our supplies from Bloomberg-rated Tier 1 manufacturer and only deliver services at our best quality. Meanwhile, to give our clients a peace of mind, our service comes with a 25 years performance warranty.”

Despite the highly competitive market, Maqo has put itself firmly among Malaysia’s Top 10 solar panel service providers.

“Reason being, Maqo is more than just a solar company. Maqo is a family that fosters hard work and togetherness. What makes us different is our dedication to our business partners and customers.

“We make sure the solar energy system we design for you is one that will work for your budget and your future,” he says.

Government’s support for renewable energy

To progress towards the goals set in the Paris Agreement, the government has implemented many other policies to support the growth of renewable energy which leads to more players and higher competition in this market.

The company is happy the government is targeting to increase the usage of renewable energy from the current 4% to 20% by 2025. “We are all aligned with one goal – to build a greener environment for the next generation.”

The company realises that climate change due to carbon emission is inevitable. “Our heart breaks when we see news about animals in the North and South Pole suffering in their living environment due to the damage caused by human development.”

The company is thankful it can do its part by helping the communities, business owners and households to utilise cleaner energy.

“Being able to provide the best solutions for our clients, we have saved approximately 130,000 trees, which is equivalent to generation of 10.5 mil kWh of clean energy or reduced 8.2 mil kg of carbon footprint,” says the spokesperson.

The Global Business Leadership Award (GBLA) 2020 recognises companies and organisations globally on leadership in business and leadership in sustainability. GBLA is organised by Asia Pacific Business Council for Sustainability and The Leadership Post respectively.

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