While people are living longer, we are not necessarily living healthier, as instances of illnesses such as cancer and diabetes are on the rise. However, medical technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade, thus providing patients with proper healthcare to treat diseases, albeit with a cost.

That being said, having a medical card is essential in this time and age, as it gives customers an avenue to access these treatments, thus providing hassle-free service as well as peace of mind for patients. Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Bhd CEO, Joseph Gross answers questions on the medical card offered by Allianz Malaysia Berhad.

Q: The importance of owning a medical card cannot be stressed enough. Tell us about some of the factors to be taken into account when considering a medical card.

First and foremost, one needs to identify what are his needs when it comes to the area of medical coverage. The customer should also assess his/her own budget in buying medical coverage. All of these can be done by speaking to a professional agent.

Q: Tell us about the medical card offered by Allianz Malaysia Berhad.

Two of Allianz’s medical plans are MediSafe Infinite and MediSafe Infinite Xtra. These medical plans are available as riders on our main protection plan, Allianz PowerLink.

Q: What are its benefits, and what does the policy cover? Also, who can apply for this policy?

MediSafe Infinite, which comes with no lifetime limit, provides customers with hassle free admission at any of our hospital panels to seek the treatment they need, covering items such as the customer’s allocated room & board, surgical fees, day-care surgery, pre and post hospitalisation visits and more. In addition, it covers out-patient treatment for cancer, dengue and enteric fever and alternative treatment.

MediSafe Infinite Xtra, on the other hand, covers all that MediSafe Infinite does. On top of that, if a customer is treated in Singapore, MediSafe Infinite Xtra covers that treatment too based on the Reasonable and Customary charges of Singapore.

Q: How do the premiums work? More importantly, how do customers determine which product and coverage is right for them?

Both MediSafe Infinite and MediSafe Infinite Xtra offer different levels of coverage to suit the many needs of customers. We highly recommended they speak to any of our agents who will help them assess their medical needs as well as financial affordability.