The recently-introduced ‘Easy Lease Programme’ is designed to help tenants get back to business.

As  businesses refocus operations from COVID-19 preparedness to business  recovery, it  is  time for  the  property sector to rethink how commercial office space can be revitalised and re-opened to  ensure workplace continuity and wellness.

This is the message from KL 33 Properties Sdn Bhd (KL 33 Properties), owner of Menara KL33, to office building owners, landlords and managers.

With  the COVID-19 pandemic  bringing  heightened awareness  on  the  relationship  between physical environment and human health, KL 33 Properties has charged ahead to unveil the industry’s first ‘COVID  Secure’ office space at Menara KL33, an integrated commercial building strategically located in the central business district within the bustling Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle.

A first-of-its-kind in Malaysia, the fully-furnished ‘COVID Secure’ office spaces are specifically reconfigured and retrofitted according to the six-feet social distancing rule to prioritise the safety, health and well-being of occupants and tenants.

KL 33 Properties Executive Director, Tan Kok Leong said, “We are glad to see more people are able to return to office following the gradual reopening of various business sectors. While many are looking forward to return to office, we cannot ignore the high level of anxiety and uncertainty among some office occupants.

“By pivoting the ‘COVID Secure’ office concept, we are able to meet the changing requirements of workplace operations, and more importantly, provide an environment  that instils confidence that it is safe to come back to the office again.”

KL 33 Properties has also introduced an innovative ‘Easy Lease Programme’ to help companies to bring their workforce back to office safely, but, minus the exorbitant initial set-up costs. Under its ‘Easy Lease’  programme, companies can amortise all direct costs involved in renovating and retrofitting the office into the monthly rental, with a flexible leasing term, from three months onwards.

“In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are  operating  under  tremendous pressure, juggling between the need to jump-start business, while, managing a safe return-to-work experience.

KL 33 Properties is committed to doing our part to help lighten the burden of  our tenants. The new ‘Easy Lease’ programme is targeted at budget-conscious companies,especially young start-ups, so, they can quickly bring their workforce back to a COVID-secured office, while at the same time, preserving cash to tackle economic challenges,” Tan said.

According to a recent online poll conducted among the occupiers of properties owned and managed by the KL 33 group of companies, organisations navigating a safe office re-occupancy are placing  sufficient  physical  distancing, cleaning  protocols and modification of amenities as their top three considerations.

To embrace the new normal in workplace operations, Menara KL33, a Grade A office building spanning  25 floors, has been reconfigured to fit a post-COVID-19 environment.

The vacant workspace  layout and  interiors could  be retrofitted to adhere to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommendation of 6-feet distancing  between each person in all workplace settings including workstations, meeting rooms and even in the pantry.

Other  innovative  features include biometric  and thermal screening at the building main reception area  and individual office entry, a single direction traffic flow for common areas and all points of entry and exit, as well as touchless contacts for restrooms to reduce direct contact with various surfaces.

With increased awareness for how re-circulated air can be treated to prevent the spread of air  borne  contaminants in  the  buildings, the central air  ventilation  system in Menara KL33 has been modified to provide more fresh air in the indoor environment, while, tenants have an option to install additional Ultraviolet Air Sterilisers to reduce airborne microorganisms.

To provide a greater sense of security and contract tracing, all visitors to Menara KL33 will be required to submit their contact details using a QR code provided upon entering the building.

Cleaning and sanitation procedures are also enhanced to ensure commonly touched surfaces are sanitised three times a day, and frequent disinfection will be carried out at all high-traffic areas within the building.

Looking ahead, KL 33 Properties remains confident about the long-term outlook for the office space sector. “The demand for office space will definitely change after COVID-19. We believe the rise of remote working will not dampen the demand for office spaces.

“Commercial office space still plays a central role in promoting productivity and collaboration, and it is also one of  the key factors in attracting and  retaining talent. In fact, some  corporations may even increase the size of their office in order to bring the entire workforce back to work while abiding to the physical distancing rule,” Tan explained.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly brought a paradigm shift to the design and usage of office spaces. KL 33 Properties is  working closely with our real estate consultant, JLL Property Services  Malaysia, to help tenants re-imagine the ‘office  of  tomorrow’.

“In redesigning office layouts, safety and well-being protocols as well as amenities management will have to balance between health risks and workplace productivity. This is crucial to ensure the long-term resilience of the commercial office sector,” Tan said.

Menara KL33 ‘COVID Secure’ office show gallery is now open for viewing, every Monday to Friday, from  9:00am to 6:00pm.  For registration and further information, visit