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How To Deal With Toxic Stress In 2022?


The body has built-in mechanisms to release toxins, namely: sweating, urinating, bowel movement, and exhaling. On the energy level, you detoxify negative feelings of your life. Release unforgiveness and be at peace. Healing comes when there is trust and surrender.

It’s OK to feel angry, or even a little worried or negative. But the negative emotions should have an expiration date. The faster you get it out of your system, the better.

Some people harbor negative feelings that they don’t realize they’ve kept inside for too long. Some people brush their surfaces aside, sweeping them under the rug or keeping them inside a closet. But that destructive habit makes the negative feelings pile up in our system, and we notice them only when they’re about to burst out of the closet.

Think: Are there negative feelings like anger, jealousy or guilt lingering in your system? Those negative feelings are the root causes of your health problems. Detoxify and flush them out of your system today.

To heal deficiency, you need to NOURISH.

My rule here is this:

Do What Your Body Will Thank You For

toxic stress food

Eat food that’s good for you. Go for nutrient-dense food like fruits and vegetables. They are easily digestible and absorbed by the body. They have live enzymes that support your body’s functions.

Eat less of processed food like chips, sodas and processed meat. They’re empty calorie food, meaning they have low nutritive value. Plus, they contain a number of chemicals that are harmful to your body.

Do you know that you can clean up your toilet bowl with soda? Pour it in the bowl, leave it for a few hours, and voila! The stains will be removed. The reason? Soda is acidic. One of its harmful ingredients is phosphoric acid, a flavour enhancer and a preservative.

If your stomach and intestines could talk, what would they tell you when you soak it with a lot of soda and acidic food? Well, your body actually sends you signals like stomach bloating, gastric pains, heartburn, and even a bulging tummy. Listen to your body, my friend. Eat food that your body will thank you for.

Do Activities That Your Body Will Thank You For

toxic stress exercise

Your magnificent body is created to be strong and agile. You have limbs for movement and locomotion. When you stop moving, your body starts to degrade. In medical terms, when your muscles are not used enough, they atrophy.

Nourish your body with meaningful activities, anything that keeps your body, mind and heart sharp.

Take a walk. Exercise regularly. Play sports, not through your Playstation or iPad but actually go and sweat it out.

Maybe you want to have a read : Can You Be Athletic And A Vegetarian?

Bathe in the sun for 15 minutes daily. It’s great for your body. It gives you natural vitamin D, makes your bones stronger, and is a natural antidepressant.

Spend time with nourishing friends. Surround yourself with good and positive-thinking friends. Be with dreamers, and those who also strive for life-work- relationship-faith balance.

playing cards releases toxic stress

Nourish your mind with activities that will make you sharp. I prefer board games and card games rather than gadget games. It keeps your senses sharp. Go for group play rather than solo play. It’s good to have fun together.

Nourish your mind with good reading. Read one book a month. Digest and enjoy each page. Hold off with the negative news. When I read the newspaper or newsfeed, I deliberately look only for good news, or something that will help me stay informed without overwhelming me with too much information.

As you continue your journey towards fullness of health and wholeness, consider treating the root causes instead of just treating the symptoms.

Pause now and reflect.

How’s the level of your health now? Do you have particular conditions that you want to fully heal? What contributes to the toxicity and deficiency of your body and being?

If you are not happy with the fruit, you can start healing from the roots. Remember to detoxify and nourish. Create an action plan today.

This excerpt is taken from Don’t Let Them Lose You by Didoy Lubaton, MD, a passionate health mentor, author, and motivational speaker in Makati City, Philippines.

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