Ricoh’s Intelligent Remote Management System offers a cutting-edge yet comfortable and pleasant experience through its Intelligent Remote Management System.

In an era where the remote workplace is becoming the ‘new normal’, finding innovative ways to conduct business with minimal face-to-face interaction while ensuring that operations continue running without a glitch have become tantamount to a company’s success.

Ricoh’s Intelligent Remote Management System

While technology has opened up new possibilities in how businesses are run, it has also created some new challenges, especially in the event of technical glitches and machine malfunctions that can be a painful and costly affair for businesses not only in terms of lost productivity but also the additional time and resources that are required to get the problem resolved.

Recent innovations in remote workplace assistance is, however, transforming the process of systems support into a more comfortable and pleasant experience. With remote workplace assistance, businesses have direct access to professionals who are able to troubleshoot their IT-related problems in real-time – the equivalent of an in-house IT Support or Systems Support expert who sits within larger organisations.

Here, Smart Investor speaks with Lee Choon Heng, General Manager of Technical and Service Operations of RICOH (M) Sdn Bhd about the company’s Intelligent Remote Management System and how it empowers digital workplaces.

Smart Investor (SI): How effective has Ricoh’s Intelligent Remote Management System been for clients so far?

Lee Choon Heng (LCH): Ricoh’s Intelligent Remote Management System eliminates the hassle of manual reporting with automated service call notifications in real-time.

It alerts us when a certain device detects a problem, as well as being able to send a note when a toner is almost empty so that our team will automatically file a request for a refill toner to be delivered.

The Ricoh RemoteConnect Support via the company’s National Contact Centre connects instantly to the devices with the permission of the customers, allowing a helpdesk consultant to assist the customers from remote setting to clearing of fault codes without the physical presence of a customer engineer at the customer’s office.

SI: What is the average significance in efficiency and productivity level that businesses can see? 

LCH: The system cuts down 50% of human intervention on service request, while the RemoteConnect Support tool has significantly reduced the machine down time of at least 30% comparing to the traditional way of having to send a customer engineer to the customer’s office.

This increases efficiency to provide support/solve a problem and reduces travel time for a customer engineer to be sent to the customer’s office. With both systems in place, it improves the customer’s operation efficiency and increase productivity.

SI: What other benefits do this system provide for the client?

LCH: Ricoh’s Intelligent Remote Management System is not only able to provide automation of service-related calls but also accurate meter readings for billing purposes. This cuts down on administration from the customer’s side especially when a large fleet of devices need to be managed.

The beauty of this system is that it provides Automatic Remote Firmware Updates, which is another important feature to ensure the devices are Always Current Technology. These firmware updates are usually updated after office hours to maximise uptime.

Apart from that, customers can access the Device Activity Reporting with a few clicks and monitor all aspects of fleet usage. Each device’s detailed information including copy, print, fax and scan functions can be tracked down and extracted. 

Some of the data consists of the population, volumes, usage trending by devices, network segment or location, in which customers can analyse and make better and more informed business decisions when it comes to overall fleet management.

SI: Can this system be used as a way for third parties to get hold of information from the device?

LCH: The Intelligent Remote Management System collects operational data such as meter reading from the networked devices including Ricoh and non-Ricoh devices to generate fleet utilisation reports.

As for RemoteConnect Support, it is only accessible to Ricoh devices as Ricoh complies to, and is governed by the ISO 27001 certification for Information Security Management System policy and procedures.

SI: In what other ways is technology being used to improve client’s experience with electronic devices?

LCH: Ricoh has been very committed in providing the best customer service and aligning with the organisation’s value proposition: Empowering Digital Workplaces by embracing today’s technology. For instance, the Call Centre has been transformed from being decentralised to a centralised National Contact Centre that not only handles service-related calls but also non-service related calls.

Ricoh keeps up to speed to get in touch with customers with almost zero abandoned calls. Ricoh’s team of well-trained and certified Call Centre professionals are the key to the organisation’s success to clinch the number one spot in Ricoh’s Customer Satisfaction in the same industry for many years.   

Ricoh’s customer engineers are equipped with the Advance Ricoh Mobile System to receive service calls via tablet devices which allow them to view a customer’s detailed information, special instructions and job priorities. This application includes real-time inventory check for required parts to be replaced, connect the customers’ devices to view the yield, and status of parts and consumables.

The Advance Ricoh Mobile System was built towards a paperless environment in mind, allowing customers to sign off on the tablet and receive their service report via email for better document storage.