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Decluttering Tips For Safekeeping Of Wills


The following story is based on an actual series of events with some names and circumstances fictionalised and any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional. Hopefully by following this decluttering tips, you will be able to safeguard your wills so much better.

Mama Lucy is so into Marie Kondo to the extent that she has been increasingly NOT sparking joy in her family members.

Her obsession with decluttering tips has been annoying for her family members after she came to know of Marie Kondo who gained world fame for her Japanese art of decluttering and organising.

This was especially so in the run up to her move from the family’s 3-storey house to a two-room condominium unit. A day did not go by before her daughter and son receive calls telling them that she is getting rid of their this and that as they no longer spark joy!

Decluttering Tips: Don’t Overdo It

Daughter Jane and son Jay, who have started families on their own and moved out, will then have to make trips that very day to their family home to take the items that they wanted, otherwise those would end up in the garbage bag.

“Her OCD behaviour is eating me up,” Jay would gripe to Jane, whose tolerance of Mama Lucy’s obsessive-compulsive disorder too had reached her limit. Mama Lucy had even coined her own mantra, Mati Kosong, in an adaptation of the Marie Kondo acronym for her decluttering mission!

The siblings hoped their worries about her Mati Kosong obsession would dissipate after their mum finally moved to her new condo. They were right until a week later after the move…

Decluttering Tips: Safekeeping Of Wills

estate planning will
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Jane received a frantic call one evening. Her mum at the other end went like a runaway train… “I can’t find my Will. I took it out from the Will Custody Centre. I wanted to make changes to the Will. I just remembered it and have been looking for it the whole afternoon…

“I have looked into the boxes and everywhere. What should I do…?” her voice trailed off.

It should be worrying. A Will that cannot be located is like not having a Will. Luckily for Mama Lucy the discovery of her loss of the Will was not after her demise which would put her children through a lengthy and arduous process of getting a Letter of Administration before the distribution of her assets could take place.

Mama Lucy had been prudent in keeping her Will in a Will Custody Centre prior to taking it out for review. Now, having lost it, she needed to go through the process of writing a new Will and making sure that it is safely kept and easily retrieved at the crucial time.

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Decluttering Tips: Let The Professionals Handle It

Photo by regularguy.eth on Unsplash

A professional Will custody company like Rockwills Corporation Sdn Bhd which specialises in providing custody and protection of Wills ensures that Wills are kept confidential, free from any tampering and safe from any accidental or deliberate destruction.

A strong room with fire resistant walls and doors, motion and smoke detectors, non-explosive lightings, and humidity control safeguard such important documents from accidental damage or destruction as in fire or flood.

Biometrics security features allowing access only through card and fingerprint and 24-hour security are part of the secure system that include tight security processes of regular audit to ensure Wills are kept secure at all times.

The additional feature of security stamp embossing in each page of the Will also ensures Will in custody are tamper-proof.

Easy location is another merit of a Custody Centre. Legal representatives of the testator simply needs to provide the custodian with the death certificate and proof of identity, for the Will to be released to execute the process of the distribution of the estate.

Hope you enjoyed the decluttering tips, just make sure that you don’t overdo it.

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