TGCR: Upcoming Events Galore

TGCR's July 2019 line-up involves singing, dancing and, of course, a date with the King of Fruits. From a night of spectacular music and dancing under the stars to a gastronomic

TGCR Returns with Santapan 29 Malam

Tropicana Golf & Country Resort Bhd (TGCR) is back with a scrumptious array of traditional and local delights during the festive holy month. Themed Selera Kampung, the ‘Santapan 29 Malam’, as its name

The Astro Masters 2019 Returns

Golfers in Malaysia will be thrilled to know that the country’s most popular amateur golf tournament will continue with The Astro Masters 2019. Participants will play at 11 qualifying rounds throughout