LUMBERmart, a premiere bespoke wood furniture and timber architectural solutions provider, is proud to announce its first designer collaboration with renowned furniture designer and master woodworker Thomas Hucker, whose acclaimed work has permanent collections in New York’s Museum of Arts and Design, as well as art galleries and museums across the United States and Europe.

Deeply influenced by traditional Japanese aesthetics and contemporary Italian design thinking while also drawing extensively on classical furniture designs, the New Jersey-based furniture designer deftly fuses abstraction and utilitarianism in developing four signature pieces for the collection known as Backley x Thomas Hucker by LUMBERmart.

“Our collaboration began three years ago, and from the moment we started talking about furniture making, I knew that Hucker’s skilled craftsmanship and masterful understanding of materials would be the start of something truly magical,” said Charles Lee, Founder and Managing Director of LUMBERmart.

(L-R) Thomas Hucker, Charles Lee