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ASUS Expert Book Series: Ultra Fast, Secure and Reliable


When it comes to getting a brand-new computer for individual or business use, most of us have these questions.

 Which brand is the best?

 Why should I choose this brand?

 Can this brand cater to my needs?

To help the economy recover from the impact of Covid-19, Malaysia’s Prime Minister has recently announced several incentives under the RM35 bil stimulus package, PENJANA. 

Among them, to encourage people to work from home, tax reliefs of up to RM5,000 per employee and RM2,500 for resident individual will be given for the purchase of handphones and computer equipment to facilitate the work-from-home arrangement.

Incidentally, in today’s fast-paced world, each of us requires a personal computer or notebook that can keep up with or workload, wherever and whenever we are working. 

In fact, many organisations are still wondering what would be the best investment to ensure and enhance the productivity of their operations. 

With the additional tax incentives provided, this will be the right time to start shopping for the best computer to fit your needs!

Let’s compare the differences between a desktop and a laptop or notebook.

Although desktop computers seem to be more productive with lower investment costs and repair and maintenance expenses, the final decision will depend on what your needs are.


In the realm of personal computing, ASUS has won countless media and industry awards for their design expertise and innovation. In fact, according to the company, ASUS has earned a total of 43,551 awards since 2008 from some of the most prestigious international organisations and media groups around the world and counting. 

Most recently, it received product excellence accolades in the iF Design Awards and achieved several top rankings in the iF World Design Index of global design leaders, a mark of achievement for consistently excelling in designing award-winning products.

“Each award is a testament to our relentless quest and commitment to creating solutions designed for everyone to enjoy,” it shares.

While there are many brands to consider, for those looking for value-driven investments, the ASUS track record speaks for itself. This includes:

Having the most award-winning and best-selling motherboards, with over 500 million units shipped.
Being the best-selling graphic card brand since 2005.
Having the highest market share (circa 19%) of gaming laptops globally, making it No. 1 in the Asia-Pacific and No. 2 worldwide.
Having the No. 1 gaming monitors globally, dominating the world’s market for years.
Being the No. 1 consumer brand in the Asia-Pacific, No. 2 in China and Central and Eastern Europe, and No. 3 in terms of worldwide sales.


ExpertBook P5440 Model Review

Businesses are increasingly dependent on mobile computing, as working life is no longer confined to just the office. Thus, if portability is crucial, the laptop is your choice. 

Finding business laptops that provide the best internal components as well as the niftiest productivity features, along with slim and light weight form factors for those on-the-go, can be challenging. 

While just any laptop will do for simple tasks like sending emails, typing up documents and doing research on the Internet, you’ll need a special kind of laptop to get ahead in business and drive your ventures forward.

What would be a good option? The laptops under the ASUS ExpertBook series.

Despite being one of the lightest, yet toughest and most secure laptops in production, the ExpertBook line features elegantly minimalist, ergonomic industrial designs that help you not only do your best, but also look your best at work.

Because technology evolves so quickly, it generally pays to invest in a machine that fits your budget now, with a view to upgrading it as necessary over time so it can keep up with the ever-increasing demands of your business.

ExpertBook P5440 Model

If you need a device that can help you get work done as quickly and efficiently as possible, consider the ASUS ExpertBook P5 series.

Lightest yet toughest laptop: 

Crowned the world’s lightest dual-storage 14” business laptop, the ASUS ExpertBook P5440 offers unrivaled mobility with flexible high-performance dual storage options to supercharge your productivity. 

You will fall in love with this sleek precision-crafted laptop with its 180° lay-flat hinge which makes screen-sharing easy. It also comes with a full set of I/O ports, including USB-C™ (DisplayPort & Power Delivery) and HDMI connectivity that allow you to seamlessly interface with all your peripherals on the road or in the office. 

With its all-working-day 10-hour battery life, the P5440 is always ready for business, anytime and anywhere.

Crowned the world’s lightest dual-storage 14” business laptop — ASUS ExpertBook P5440—offers unrivaled mobility with flexible high-performance dual storage options to supercharge your productivity

asus p544 review smart investor

ASUS ExpertBook P5440 Specifications

The world’s lightest dual-storage 14” business laptop*


If your team requires a powerful business solution with a bit more oomph, and mobility is not an issue, then desktops would be more suitable.

Consider the desktop range from ASUS – the ASUS ExpertCenter series – which is built with world-leading components, sophisticated chassis designs, and rock-solid construction. 

The line also provides comprehensive options with a wide range of specifications and form factors. 

The ExpertCenter series is designed to accommodate more powerful hardware options, to make it easy for your organisation to configure and upgrade the system based on evolving usage scenarios.

 In addition, its easy-to-service chassis design helps maximise uptime by making upgrades and routine maintenance effortless. 

Although it emphasises ultra-compact profiles, the ExpertCenter line doesn’t compromise on I/O ports, storage or durability. In fact, it meets military-grade MIL-STD-810G durability standards, while featuring advanced security and management solutions.

One more thing to keep your business moving forward. ASUS has a simple, one-stop management and data protection feature that could be especially useful for small businesses. 

ASUS Business Manager – a set of program utilities that allow users to easily perform maintenance and optimisation tasks on their computers. 

This software enables tasks such as power management and power-saver options; updates of applications, drivers and BIOS as well as easy system restoration and data backup anytime. 

The ASUS ExpertPC D6 SFF delivers performance, security, and reliability in an ultra-compact and sleek package so business users can have a flexible and neat workspace.

ASUS_ExpertPC_D6414SFF_Model Review smarrt investor

ASUS ExpertPC D6414SFF Specifications

The D6 Series - Secure, reliable and business-ready

At the end of the day, a desktop offers more advanced computing power while a laptop offers portability.

For more information, check out visit ASUS Malaysia at    

All the best in your pursuit of getting the best deal for yourself and/or your company!

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