The fund house wins Best Malaysia Large-Cap Equity (Shariah) Fund at the recent Morningstar awards.

Principal Asset Management Berhad Group (formerly known as CIMB-Principal Asset Management Berhad) has recently received the 2020 Morningstar Awards Malaysia for Best Malaysia Large-Cap Equity (Syariah) Fund. Exceptional fund’s one-year performance proves Principal Islamic DALI Equity Fund (formerly known as CIMB Islamic DALI Equity Fund ) most robust with strong long-term returns without undue risk.

According to Munirah Khairuddin, Chief Executive Officer of Principal Asset Management for Malaysia, “The right asset allocation strategy has helped the fund’s performance in 2019. With 70% Malaysia and 30% Asia Pacific markets, we managed the fund based on our proprietary top-down FTV and bottom-up FMV Research Process. We also adopted the Barbell Portfolio structure approach that emphasised on capital preservation and growth.”

Dato’ Paduka Syed Mashafuddin Syed Badarudin, Chief Executive Officer of Principal Islamic and Head of Islamic Business of Principal Asia explains, “Historically, Islamic investments are less volatile than their conventional counterparts, especially during periods of uncertainty.

“During the subprime crisis in 2008, Islamic investments were not as greatly impacted compared to conventional investments. The Islamic financial markets do not rely on the subprime assets or excessive leverage which caused difficulties for many conventional institutions in the past.”

The Fund undergoes a rigorous portfolio optimization process that focuses on the Beta, Active Share, Sharpe Ratio and continuous data analytics to ensure that the portfolio is been managed within the optimum risk parameters.

The annual Morningstar Malaysia Fund Awards recognise retail funds and fund houses that have added the most value for investors within the context of their relevant peer group in 2019 and over longer time periods. Morningstar selects the winners using a quantitative methodology, along with a qualitative overlay. Weightings to one-, three-, and five-year risk-adjusted performance are factored into the methodology.

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