What’s in Our Mar ’16 Issue?


Special Focus: Business of Innovation

InnovationToday, constant innovation defines our marketplace, and businesses must respond to customers’ expectations for better experiences and technologies. But “innovation” can be such a big word that people often over-complicate. Businesses sometimes put too much emphasis on producing the “next big innovation” and become attached to their ideas and outputs.

Our Special Focus looks at some of the innovations in business and work spaces as well as products and services that will help shape how we work, live and play in the near future.

cover storyCover Story

The Making of a Competent Trainer
Rita Krishnan shares her long and winding journey on becoming one of the most sought-after trainers.


Sharing EconomyCashing in on the Sharing Economy
The proliferation of opportunities from the popularity of sharing economy platforms is a welcome relief for many of us who are looking for some alternative sources to boost up income or increase our spending power. We share some interesting stories of people who have latched on and are benefiting from this ‘new economy’.

What Malaysians Really Want to Achieve Financially?
FPAM’s recent survey revealed what Malaysians really want, financially-speaking.

Money & Economics

Spend or SaveTime surely flies and we are now at the end of the 1st quarter of 2016. Sadly though, investment outlook have not improved much and in the next three to six months we’ll likely continue to witness the market volatilities accompanied by mostly unfavourable investment news. In this section, we talk about what to expect and what can be done.

Looking Beyond Emerging Markets
How managers of these top five emerging market funds have expanded the boundaries, and succeeded.

China’s Conundrum
Market panics have taken hold of China and much of the emerging economies, marking a volatile start to the year.

The Choice between Spending and Saving
Are your money habits putting you at risk? this is a crucial question to ask in determining your wellbeing in old age.

The Simple Retirement Plan
Planning for a comfortable retirement is not as difficult as perceived by many who tend to procrastinate.

Avoiding Investment Pitfalls
Taking a broader view on investment, it is crucial for investors to know when to cut losses and move on.

Global Financial Markets: What to Expect in 2016
Investors should make strategic moves to avoid the heaviest blows from the coming economic slump.

Stronger Ringgit Seen This Year
Various factors are affecting the foreign exchange rates, but upside is possible.

PropertyMaximising Your Property Returns
In the current sluggish market, identifying properties with the best rental potential is the best way to preserve value.

The Rise of Cybersouth
This new township is set to be the most sought-after township in Cyberjaya.

Where Lifestyle and Business Combine
Many investors are actively looking for nuggets of property gold and the Hideaways club might be what they are looking for.

Investing in Art – What You Ought to Know
Art is something that fascinates but can also offer valuable investment propositions, if investors know what to look out for.


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