The Only Car-vival Guide You Need This Rainy Season


This feature is brought to you by Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Malaysia in support of ensuring car safety during this rainy season.

Rainy days are here to stay, with flooding possible every day. Protect yourself and your car from watery woes with these tips:

1. Avoid parking in the basement

Basement parking lots can be prone to flooding during heavy downpours. Your car may be partly submerged and the flood can cause a lot of damage to your car, especially the engine, electrical system and interior.

2. Avoid driving through tunnels

Underground tunnels usually have higher risks of getting caught in a flash flood as areas below ground level will be submerged first when water levels rise.

3. Don’t stop! Maintain a steady slow speed

Keep a distance from the vehicle in front. Maintain a steady speed and engage a low gear to create a small bow wave which will stop engine bay flooding. Stopping could flood the engine bay or allow water to flow into the exhaust pipe.

4. Don’t start the car immediately if your car has been submerged

Water would most likely seep into the engine, transmission or fuel system of your car after being submerged. Don’t start the car as you’ll just compound the damage. Immediately seek assistance from a mechanic to first flush out water from the engine and its systems and then assess flood damage.

5. Please do not use a hair dryer to dry the car battery!

Do not attempt to dry your battery with hair dryer as you’re only drying the outer layer of the battery. Please seek for assistance from a mechanic to test if the battery is still working well.

6. Check if your car has flood insurance

Did you know car insurance providers offer flood insurance as add-ons? This can save your wallet on a rainy day. If you don’t have it in your current plan, contact your insurance company and find out how you can leverage on such coverage.


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