Stemcell First Launches First Adult Stem Cell Banking Services In Malaysia


StemCell First Sdn Bhd, one of Malaysia’s leading provider in stem cell banking services, has launched Stembank, pioneering adult stem cell banking services in Malaysia.

Stembank is a non-evasive stem cell banking method. It is a simple procedure where a small quantity of blood is drawn and Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSCs) are extracted, harvested and stored.

MSCs are readily found in blood and can transform into a range of different cell types, ie bone, cartilage, nerves, organ cells, etc, while also possessing inherent healing properties.

Stemcell First is a stem cell banking service company with a full GMP laboratory facility. Meluha Life Science, owner of the laboratory, is also a substantial shareholder. With more than 10 years of research and development in blood and stem cell therapeutics, clients are assured that their stem cells are in good hands.

“We have a state-of-the-art clean room laboratory and cryogenics facility in Putrajaya, with the capabilities to process and store a wide range of stem cell types. We are also carrying out other cutting-edge stem cell research in the field of regenerative medicine,” says Richard Lim, General Manager of StemCell First, adding that it is the Company’s aim to make stem cell storage more accessible and affordable to the public.

“Regenerative medicine is an emerging and new developing branch of translational medicine which has the potential to offer solutions that conventional medicine cannot provide,” he says.

The launch event included a brief introduction on stem cells and their applications by Dr Nadzri Abdul Mokhtar, Chief Medical Director at NARA Medispa, as well as an appearance by television personality Jasmine Suraya Chin. A lion dance was also held to officiate the occasion.


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