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SW by Okamura offers office workers the option of standing or sitting while at work. Having this flexibility is healthy, inspiring and efficient for office workers. No more adapting your work style to the desk, now the desk adapts to your work style. Move the surface of the desk up or down quickly and with ease, creating the optimum positioning for the worker when it’s needed. With full focus on freed movement, comfort and safety, this flexible SW is a fusion of design and functionality.

sw okamura

SW is a height adjustable desk that seamlessly adjusts the desk top from 650mm to 1250mm without interrupting workflow. The rounded edge of SW desk reduces stress on the user’s arms regardless the user is standing or sitting. The smooth and elongated edge minimizes the discomfort of arms while working in both sitting and standing positions. As a safety feature, the going-down motion stops as soon as an object is detected.

SW also won IAUD Silver Award (Japan, 2015) and Universal Design Award (Germany, 2015).

Benefits include:

  1. Swift is a reasonably priced electrically height adjustable desk that is equipped with a safety mechanism.
  2. Various optional accessories including cable management, power outlet, and monitor arms make Swift an excellent desk for workplace.
  3. Not only stand alone desks but also meeting tables are available, which create a sense of uniformity in office space.

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