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The much-anticipated ONE Kesas, the latest project from KM Land Group, announces the collaboration with Dynamic Trends Resources Sdn. Bhd. (DTR), Merccorp Co. Ltd., ACE EdVenture and Artisan Eco Hotel which together serves to complement the lifestyle hub. The first of its kind in Klang, ONE Kesas is set to win over the local community with a wholesale-retail city, education centre as well as a hotel. The lifestyle needs of the Klang community are envisioned to be met with the launch of this lifestyle hub which is scheduled to be opened in Q3 2018.

Ong Shau Soo, CEO of KM Land Group says, “Facilities and services in Klang are currently very scattered. It is in need of a single meeting point for all types of amenities and facilities. ONE Kesas will bring the local residential as well as the working community together.”

Port Klang forms an important part of the economy in Klang. It is home to about 95 shipping companies and agents, 300 custom brokers, 25 container storage centres, as well as more than 70 freight and transport companies. It handles almost 50% of Malaysia’s sea-borne container trade in 2013. The Port Klang Free Zone was established in 2004 to transform Port Klang into a regional distribution hub as well as a trade and logistics centre.

“It is clear that Klang is considered the center of the wholesale market in Malaysia and we would like to capitalize on this with the launch of ONE Kesas. We were also inspired by the vibrant and happening culture of Klang as it is a neighbourhood that truly understands the value of bonding relationships; where people always have a reason to celebrate and enjoy gatherings together. ONE Kesas is a destination for people from all walks of life to come together, whether it is to chill, learn, work or play; to create moments of togetherness. Hence, our tagline ‘Good Times are Created Together’, focusing on the vibrancy, enjoyment, and fulfilment of this development,” adds William Kee, Director of KM Land Group.

The event highlights DTR Group and Merccorp Co., Ltd as responsible for bridging the partnership with Southern Entrepreneur Development Association to bring in Thailand-made wholesale products via the ‘One Tambon One Product’ (OTOP) programme for retail while retail operations will be overseen by DTR Group and ONE Kesas. The wholesale-retail city will focus on FMCGs such as snacks, souvenirs, beauty accessories, cotton products and more. Thailand’s OTOP programme aims to expand their local entrepreneurship to international waters.

“Why Thai products? It is clear that Thai products are popular among all races and ages locally. The location of ONE Kesas is also in the heart of logistics and this makes perfect sense economically. The overall ONE Kesas concept is definitely suitable for this partnership and programme to succeed and we believe bringing in Thai products will offer something new and interesting to Malaysia in general,” says Ivy Hew, Director of DTR Group, retail and leasing consultant to ONE Kesas.

“We trust the collaboration with ONE Kesas will bring an enriching space for the local community in Klang as it sets a whole new tone in this part of “world”,” adds Dr Poompichai Tarndamrong, CEO Executive Advisor of Merccorp Co., Ltd.

One Tambon One Product (OTOP) is a local entrepreneurship stimulus program aimed to support locally made and marketed products of each of Thailand’s 7,255 tambons (sub-district). The OTOP program encourages village communities to improve the quality and marketing of local products, selecting one superior product from each village to receive formal branding as its “starred OTOP product”. OTOP includes a large array of local products, including traditional handicrafts, cotton and silk garments, pottery, fashion accessories, household items, and foods. The OTOP movement is a self-help effort wherein rural communities participate in the creation of a product that can be sold locally and internationally.

As for ACE EdVenture, its Private Tutoring Centre will offer its multi award-winning approach to education. It will cater to students aged 12-17 years old. The ACE EdVenture Approach was developed to offer students an education which does not end when the classes do, with the mission to make real-world education accessible and affordable to a much broader audience.

Anne Tham, Founder of ACE EdVenture highlights “We are all about offering an educational experience that is not only relevant in today’s world, but also prepares young people for the future. And we’re excited to be able to partner with ONE Kesas to serve families and students in the Klang community.”

Another first of its kind for Klang is the Artisan Eco Hotel, an environmental-friendly hotel based on the concept of upcycling with sustainable elements and eco-friendly amenities. A boutique hotel that is spacious and comfortable, creating a home away from home ambiance, Artisan Eco Hotel believes in creating a positive impact towards environment and social economic.

“I believe business owners must lead the movement in building our businesses to be sustainable. With Artisan Eco Hotel, we have built a business model that combines our passion for the environment, driven by a purpose, yet profitable at the same time. We aim to be the market leader in boutique budget hotel sectors advocating the need for businesses to reduce, reuse and recycle,” Thomas Yap, CEO of Artisan Eco Hotel notes.

The wholesale-retail city will not only provide retail lots for traders to market and sell their products but also offer a permanent trade fair for all traders under the OTOP program. This allows traders to showcase latest and innovative products giving wholesalers, business owners from the F&B industry and end-user consumers direct and immediate access to quality products direct from manufacturers from Thailand with competitive prices. This will help business owners reduce their cost and for end- user consumers a large variety of choices of food products at any time minus the hassle of travelling to Thailand to shop.

One Kesas is a joint venture between KM Land Group and Selangor Industrial Corporation Sdn Bhd – a subsidiary of PKNS. PKNS is a corporation wholly owned by Selangor State Government. KM Land Group believes in creating value for its purchasers and community when the Group undertakes the project. For the One Kesas project, KM Land Group plays the role of working with its Thai partner Merccorp to establish and invest in this wholesale retail city.

About KM Land Group
KM Land Group was established in 2010. Today, KM Land Group is a young and dynamic upcoming regional property developer, both locally and abroad. With on-going success stories of its developments, KM Land Group is the trend setting lifestyle property developer that takes on a 360 degree approach, looking into every aspect and detail, always committed totally for timely delivery and quality finished projects. Involved in many unique developments in mixed residential as well as other types of projects, KM Land Group is clearly positioned as a developer who is well equipped with a innovative perspective – identifying opportunities niche developments and acknowledging its huge potential throughout the different states at home and in the region.

KM Land Group’s development projects in Malaysia includes One Kesas, One Residence Sekinchan, SB Perdana and Sungkai Perdana, to name a few. KM LAND GROUP Total Commitment to Quality

About Dynamic Trends Resources (DTR) Sdn. Bhd.
Dynamic Trends Resources (DTR) Sdn. Bhd. or commonly known as DTR Group was formed in 2012 by a sole practitioner consultancy. Since then, it has grown steadily into a diverse and professional company with a diverse team of professional partners providing Project Management, Mall Leasing, Merchandising & Sourcing, Retail and Branding Advisory, Events and Promotional Management. It provides various diverse range of services primarily to the Retail property developer, Brand Owners and Retailers.

DTR Group has historically been involved in the development and growth of Retail industry and communities throughout Klang Valley, whether it is the building of an entire new shopping mall and or new brand start-up or re-branding exercises to the smallest jobs of assisting of leasing a few vacant lots in shopping complexes.

About Merccorp Co., Ltd (Thailand)
Merccorp Co., Ltd. is a diversified business-consulting conglomerate that steers a group of consulting firms specialising in Property Development, Food and Beverages Business Development, Hotel Sales and Marketing Development, Personal Image Consulting and Fashion Business Development, Account and Legal Consultancy as well as Media and Exhibition Production.

Prioritising its clients objectives ahead, Merccorp’s group of companies work cohesively to ensure its client succeed in the most profound manner. As a business serving business organisation, Merccorp Co., Ltd succeeded in creating a sustainable business and is responsible for protecting the welfare of the society and environment, where our success is tied with all stakeholder success.

About Southern Entrepreneur Development Association (Thailand)
The Southern Entrepreneur Development Association (SEDA) was established on 31 May 2017 to work closely with entrepreneurs in Southern Thailand. Its objective is to promote all business issues related in developing SMEs, facilitating local and international business matching programmes as well as bridging ties between the private and government sector to help the entrepreneurs.

About ACE EdVenture
The learning environment at ACE EdVenture focuses on a culture of community and simulating real-world activities to enhance the learning experience of students and engage them with the larger community. Students can expect an experience that takes their imagination and skills beyond the boundaries of the classroom. It also offers skills enhancement classes such as Hip Hop, Vocal Training, Drama and Art & Design that help evoke the creativity in our programme.

The ACE EdVenture Group has received recognition from all over the world, including being recognised 4 years in a row by Cambridge University Students’ Union for innovation in education and the ASEAN Business Awards for SME Excellence in Innovation. The Group was also awarded Best Employer- Platinum and Female Entrepreneur of the Year- Grand Winner at the Star Outstanding Business Awards in Jan 2018.

About Artisan Eco Hotel
Artisan Eco Hotel is a social enterprise founded by Artez Group and Owners Circle Berhad. It was founded by like-minded entrepreneurs who are united by a common vision to do sustainable business that is financially profitable and caring for the people and planet at the same time.

The hotel aims to change the landscape of the hospitality business by incorporating sustainable business practices to reduce carbon emissions of hotel operations. The hotel features the usage of eco-friendly DC air-conditioning, solar-powered water heating system, elimination of plastic products and more. Sustainable technology not only reduces the carbon footprint, it also translates to greater savings for the business in the long run. True to the Artisan brand name, the hotel showcases products that are created by the local community. A majority of the hotel’s inventory, such as furniture, upholstery and laundry bags are made out of reusable material, given new life by artisans through upcycling.

As the concept of eco-tourism is growing increasingly prevalent, Artisan Eco Hotel strives to lead by example through the brand’s best environmental practices and community-centric conduct. It is built with the modern tourists in mind, who are increasing conscious of spending their money on businesses with a good social cause.

From L-R:
Mr Thomas Yap, CEO of Artisan Eco Hotel
Mr William Kee, Director of KM Land Group
En. Musleh Ahmad, Assistant General Manager, Selangor Industrial Corporation Sdn Bhd
Ms Ivy Hew, Director of Dynamic Trends Resources Sdn. Bhd. (DTR Group)
Mr.Thanong Thongduang, President of the Southern Entrepreneur Development Association
Dato’ Andrew Goh, Vice President of the Klang Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Dr Poompichai Tarndamrong, CEO Executive Advisor of Merccorp Co., Ltd.
Dr Panu Boonsombat, CEO of Merccorp Co., Ltd.
Mr Ong Shau Soo, CEO of KM Land Group
Ms Anne Tham, founder of ACE EdVenture


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