Nusmetro Contributes RM1 mil to Tabung Harapan Fund


The Nusmetro Group (Nusmetro), prominently known for its Arte Series of property developments, announced today that it has contributed RM1 mil to Tabung Harapan Malaysia.

Driven by the noble cause and principles underlying Tabung Harapan Malaysia, Nusmetro is proud to further add to the outpouring of goodwill, and strongly feels that patriotism and the desire to build towards a better Malaysia should be instilled in all able corporate citizens. Nusmetro also hopes that more organisations will come forward to contribute to the fund.

In a simple ceremony this afternoon, Minister of Finance Lim Guan Eng received a RM1 mil cheque from Nusmetro founding partners Thomas Chan and Datuk Au Chee Fai.

This contribution also marks Nusmetro’s support for the new government in its initiatives to take the country to a whole new level, as it is through such crucial times that the people must unite and play their part as good citizens.


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