mTouche Eyes US$2.69b Digital Media Advertising in SEA and HK Market


Mobile value-added services and digital media marketing company, mTouche Technology Bhd (“mTouche”) and Advanced Platform Sdn Bhd (“APSB”), a software and platform development company have signed a comprehensive master collaboration partnership agreement to jointly develop and market a range of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings.

These offerings will be powered by CompuRex Dash, a series of tightly integrated and efficient end-to-end solution that design for B2B (Business-to-Business), B2C (Business-to-Consumer), B2G (Business-to-Government), content providers and mobile users throughout the Southeast Asia plus Hong Kong market.

The foundation of the alliance is a comprehensive, multi-year strategic agreement in which both companies will make significant mutual commitments and investments in technology, product development and go-to-market efforts for a proprietary and innovative Digital Media and Infotainment Platform to the IT and mobile channel. The alliance between the companies is expected to deliver a continuous stream of services offerings over the next 18 months, with the first wave of offerings slated for a phased release during the fourth quarter of 2017.

According to a recent research done by eMarketer, in collaboration with IAB Singapore, which released its first-ever digital media advertising spending forecast that predicts double-digit overall growth in digital media spending in 2017 with a market value of US$2.69 billion covering Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippine, Singapore plus Hong Kong.

The studies includes advertising that appears on deskstop and laptops computers as well as mobile phones, tablets and other internet-connected devices, and includes all various formats of advertising on those platforms; excludes SMS, MMS and P2P messaging-based advertising (Source: eMarketer, Jan 2017).

Given the total population of an estimate 647 million people across the Southeast Asian market, the companies expect the innovative platform to reach the quality critical mass of more than 10 million user base within Five (5) years with the access to the market that mTouche presently serves as the gateway to the region which allow the platform to tap wider markets with a potential of US$2.69 billion in today’s market value.

The Digital Media and Infotainment Platform will encompass a multi-features services which comprises of an entertainment-related mobile platform with multi-layer social networking, chat, live video streaming and broadcasting, secured mobile payment with virtual currency, advance digital marketing tools for business and commercial development, and an open application programming interface which allows third party content providers, developers and programmers to integrate their mobile applications to the Digital Media and Infotainment Platform.

The Digital Media and Infotainment Platform kernel is driven by Artificial Intelligence over the cluster data analytic engine which give another level of user behavior analysis and prediction which will be helping future business and commercial development.

The Digital Media and Infotainment Platform value proposition is to provide a balance of services and features that are offered to free user viz a viz premium user for the service with multiple monetisation models include the most popular ones being subscription based and advertisement based model.

Under the technology and product development cooperation elements of the agreement, to support the Digital Media and Infotainment Platform product development efforts and investments, mTouche will invest additional resources and funding to help accelerate time-to-market for the targeted Digital Media and Infotainment Platform with specific cloud-based solution and services for the media and entertainment industry.

As part of the commercial cooperation, APSB brings to the partnership extensive experience and will offer mTouche the proven CompuRex Dash advance technology, secured database solution, Artificial Intelligence data analytic tools and other CompuRex Dash series of solutions as the base technologies to be integrated into the innovative Digital Media and Infotainment Platform.

mTouche said the collaboration on the innovative Digital Media and Infotainment Platform is expected to contribute positively to its earnings for the financial year ending June 30, 2018 onwards. The new platform will enable mTouche to stay competitive in this highly competitive mobile value added services and digital media marketing industry.


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