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Yong Yau Meng, stock analyst-turned futures trader and founder of the proprietary trading company Tactical Hedge, reveals insights and strategies on how to get around the tricky futures market.

Motor Insurance Detariffication − The Journey So Far

One year down the road, have the objectives been met?

The Shifting Property Paradigm

Malaysia’s property sector is due for a reshaping and an all-encompassing redefinition following concerns over a possible bubble burst caused by past demand and the present market glut.

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Cities of the Future
As population grows and urbanisation becomes inevitable, the call to build sustainable cities that embrace improved environmental conditions and livable habitats, becomes urgent.

The Golden Mile
The developments along the stretch of the Damansara-Puchong Expressway have seen a surge in developer interest and capital appreciation in recent years, positioning it as the ‘Golden Mile’ of Kelana Jaya.

Builders of the Future
REHDA Youth Treasurer discusses the interplay between finances and property development.

Buying Property – What You Need to Know
Anyone considering making such a large investment needs to know the basics before signing on the dotted line.

Are Reits A Viable Alternative Investment Tool?
Affordable entry points into the REIT market abound as 17 out of 18 REIT counters in Bursa Malaysia are currently priced below RM2 per share.

Malaysia as A Haven for Branded Residences − Fact or Fad?
Luxury residences are in oversupply in the Klang Valley. Will branding give a property an edge over the rest?

Why Investing Is Confusing

The word “investing” conjures different meanings to different people.

Advance Care Planning − Making Decisions Today For Your Future
Everything you need to know about planning for your care.

Knowing Your Financial Ratios
Basic financial ratios for better understanding of your state of personal finance.

Mexico’s Amlo − A New Kind Of Populist

How will Mexico’s economy fare post the country’s general elections?

How Does Your Passive Dividend Fund Avoid Risky Stocks?
There is harmony between risk and yield.

Planning For The Future

Are you adequately prepared for what life may bring?

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Global Outlook: A Return to Diversity

There is smoother sailing ahead for international markets.

What Does ‘Without Prejudice’ Mean?

What these two simple words imply and what they entail.

Investing Lessons From Tae Kwon Do

Much can be learnt from the art of self-defense and the science of investing.

Leadership and Strategy in A Multicultural Environment

Roberto d’Ambrosio talks about the importance of cultural diversity in the workplace.

Non-Invasive Brain Surgery

Now it is possible with Sunway Medical Centre’s Gamma Knife Icon.


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