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Rakuten Trade’s mobile trading app has simplicity, efficiency and investor-friendly features at its core.

SME Financing: Bridging The Gap
Financing and other business solutions for today’s SMEs.

201811 Smart Investor 3

Financial Planning In Your 20s & 30s
Managing your finances for a better future.

Financial Planning In Your 40s
Practical investment guide for those in this generation.

Setting The Standard For Professionalism
Malaysia’s three primary financial planning bodies − FPAM, MFPC and AFA – approved by Securities Commission and Bank Negara Malaysia, share their efforts in promoting the financial planning industry.

201811 Smart Investor 4Choosing The Right Financial Planner
Valuable tips on what to look out for.

Helping To Navigate The Financial Minefield
VKA Financial Group provides comprehensive financial solutions for Malaysians to achieve their financial goals.

A Light For Your Financial Future
At FA Advisory Sdn Bhd, every financial planning arrangement is a personalised sacrament.

Passion And Processes In Financial Planning
Wealth Vantage Advisory Sdn Bhd Managing Director Rafiq Hidayat Mohd Ramli founded his practice to make a difference.

Harvesting Future Wealth
The Harveston Financial Group of Companies’ teamwork and advisory training bring a breath of fresh air to the industry.

Wealth And Estate Planning
Why it is important to have a plan to protect and transfer your assets, including overseas investments, and have that plan tested out during your lifetime.

Building Another Fortress
Kenanga Growth Fund Series 2 lives up to the pedigree of the fund manager’s flagship Kenanga Growth Fund.

Don’t Just Write But Plan Your Will
Wealth distribution requires specialised estate planning advice to ensure your wealth is passed to your loved ones according to your wishes.

201811 Smart Investor 6A Wake-up Call
Financial literacy among the young should improve. The Young Investor Survey shows that only 7% of respondents allocate more than 30% of their monthly income towards investment.

Takaful Mumtaz
Introducing Zurich’s latest Shariah-compliant protection and savings plan that offers annual cash back while providing increasing protection throughout the certificate term.

Fire Insurance: Taking The Heat Off You
The purchase of fire insurance, in addition to homeowner’s or property insurance helps to cover the cost of replacement, repair or reconstruction of property.

Director’s Liabilities Under The Tax Law
Company directors can face serious repercussions under income tax legislations. What is a director’s liability in Malaysia?

Views On Select Emerging-Markets Equity
Due to the recent drop of the Turkish lira and Argentine peso and the resultant emerging-market (EM) contagion fears, should investors worry about a spillover effect across other EMs?

Some Bonds Are Better Diversifiers Than Others
Not all bonds are created equal. Their diversification potential occupies a spectrum from great to lousy.

Don’t Join The Stampede
A herd mentality could lead you over the cliff.

Are We At A Tipping Point?
As markets across Asia plummet, this may be a timely question.

Enforcing A Judgement
How do you ensure that money due to you through a Court order is actually paid.

Bringing World Class Health Care To The Community
Group Chief Executive Officer of Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care Gregory Scott Brown speaks about his plans for the up-coming year.

201811 Smart Investor 5

Fintech: Changing Lives
More than just a buzzword, fintech is changing not just the way users transact finances, but the way  society and industries work as well.

Feeling The Blues: Depression In The Workplace
Chances are, someone at your workplace has depression – a chronic disorder that requires serious attention.


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