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PlanPlus recently announced the launch of its 3rd Annual Malaysia Financial Planner of the Year Award (MFPYA) competition.

The competition was originally initiated in order to boost the level of professionalism within the Malaysian financial planning industry, and raise the standards for advisors to ensure that clients receive higher quality advice.

“Supporting organisations play a large role in the process as we are dependent on them to get the word out to their members,” said John Page, Awards Chair.

“This year’s awards are supported by our founding sponsor, the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM), as well as the Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC), the Malaysian Financial Planners and Advisers Association (MFPAA), the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA), and the Islamic Banking and Finance Institute of Malaysia ((IBFIM). We are very fortunate to have the support of these organisations as it makes our job much easier from an organisational standpoint,” he pointed out.

The competition is open to all Malaysian licensed Financial Planners with a current recognised designation (such as CFP, RFP, IFP, ChFC) and who are in good standing with a financial planning or other professional body or association (such as FPAM, AFA, MFPC, MFPAA) accepted by the regulators.

The competition will honour the top 3 financial planners in Malaysia. Winners will receive cash awards with the 1st place submission guaranteed an automatic entry into the 2016 PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards regional competition for the Asia region.

Interested licensed financial planners must submit a real client financial plan (after first obtaining permission from their client), which will then be reviewed by a panel of qualified judges.

Financial Planner Kevin Neoh

Each plan will be evaluated based on the specific actions recommended to achieve the client’s goals and enhance their financial well-being.

Participants must work with their clients on a fiduciary basis, meaning only solutions that are in the best interest of their clients may be recommended.

“Putting the client’s interest first is the core belief and very foundation of my practice,” said MFPYA 2016 winner Kevin Neoh (right). “It was such an honour to have a panel of judges with such diverse experiences and approaches review my work and provide me with valuable feedback.

“Experiencing the competition gave me the opportunity to rethink and re-examine my philosophy and approach. It also gave me a chance to reflect on potential ways to improve my practice so that I can become a better advisor, enabling my clients to pursue their dreams and lead a fulfilling life,” he explained.

“MFPYA is rapidly gaining recognition by the financial planning profession,” said Linnet Lee, CEO of FPAM. “Participants who benefited in previous years have come back to compete as they value the feedback from the panel of experienced judges. We look forward to the year three of the competition and beyond, as we help professionals raise their bar to benefit their clients.”

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