BrandImage International Institute Awards 30 Certified Image Consultants; Announces BrandImage Scholarships and Corporate Executive Discounts Worth RM400k in Total


The Graduation Ceremony was attended and graced by Associate Professor Dr Richard Ng, Director of Institute of Professional Development, Open University Malaysia, in the presence of Adjunct Professor Wendy Lee, Founder & Principal of BrandImage International Institute, respectable members of Open University Malaysia (OUM), and senior management staff of BrandImage International Institute, distinguished guests and alumni.

BrandImage International Institute is an Approved Training Provider of OUM that specialises on brand image training – a soft skill training programme that helps position a person, a product and a brand of a company. The Certified Image Consultant awarded to the students today is one of the two programmes managed by BrandImage International Institute and validated by OUM.

Speaking at the occasion, Associate Professor Dr Richard Ng enthused that an individual with BrandImage skills will be able to enhance one’s personality or to meet social standards and thus helps position oneself in the corporate world with confidence and be more impressionable.

“An Image Consultant helps clients to improve their appearance for personal or professional reasons. Image Consulting is a professional field wherein clients hire an Image Consultant to evaluate, improve, enhance, update, or upgrade their appearance to ensure that their Image is consistent or congruent with their personal, social, and/or professional roles and goals – with what they want to accomplish in life.

“Image Consulting is an art which involves the choice of clothing, grooming, and body language to create positive impression that changes the perception of people to gain confidence, get more respect, get a date, get a job, get a promotion, get a child to listen, get a spouse to pay more attention, get off the couch, get out and get involved in the community – to get a life,” added Dr Ng.

This batch of 30 students – who are working professionals and corporate executives from various companies in Malaysia – had commenced their Certified Image Consultant programme earlier this year.

Following completion of their one-week comprehensive course work, they embarked in a fun and dynamic three-month experience based training and learning, covering various areas of specialised fields where diverse skills and knowledge such as appearance, behaviour, branding, communication, image, perception management and presentation are rolled into one.

“As a profession, BrandImage consulting is one of the fastest growing industry that offers unlimited opportunities; and having the knowledge and certification as a BrandImage Consultant will give you the extra boost to propel your business and career to greater heights,” explained Adjunct Professor Wendy Lee, Founder & Principal of BrandImage Insititute.

Lee added that BrandImage International Institute had educated the market on the importance of Branding and Image since 2003.

“In the 21st century, one cannot go without the other, so much so that, they have coined the word BrandImage to portray the synergistic pairing. We are passionate in developing our country and community in heading towards a better future.

“With a strong foundation of core skills required, the knowledge and skills obtained from both branding and image breed a new generation of entrepreneurs that are savvy and are capable of helping both the country and community to grow further and achieve success,” enthused Lee.

In supporting these passionate quests, and as part of its community giveback efforts BrandImage International Institute is proud to introduce BrandImage College. As the first ever college accredited by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran, it is made available to all potential students interested to take up skill-based course upon completing their SPM.

Lee further elaborated that BrandImage International Institute will be offering scholarships worth RM300k to qualified and potential SPM students from lower income family background, who are keen to pursue a Diploma in Brand & Image.

Further, BrandImage International Institute will also be according a special offer of 20% discount, worth RM100k to the first 20 Corporate Executives who sign up for the institute’s Certification in BrandImage programme, from now until end of 2018.


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