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More SMEs and enterprises are adopting Cloud solutions, with the domestic segment growing from an estimated US$29mil in 2010 to a projected value of US$621mil by 2021.

Domestic uptake of Cloud solutions is maturing with strong prospects for the future, according to market intelligence firm IDC (International Data Corporation) Malaysia, with spending by enterprises in Malaysia on Cloud-enabled hardware, software and services expected to reach US$621mil by 2021 and a compound annual growth rate of 23.8% over the next five years.

In addition, Cloud itself is evolving with time as industry players‘hybrid’ models that blur the line between public and private Cloud, and on-premise infrastructures, through. Paired with conventional hybrid Cloud’s ability to scale resources according to clients’ need at any given time, IPServerOne Solutions Managing Director Lee Cheung Loong is optimistic about the future, banking on the technology’s pull factors despite a growing number of competitors on the scene, both domestic and international.

Scalable Solutions for SMEs

“Competition is an inevitable part of the business world, and is also an effective tool for business growth. However, more than competitors, we think of other players in the segment as business partners, as we all move towards bringing Malaysia the newest technologies so as to drive improvement,” he says.

“We run our Cloud with OpenStack, this is to ensure its compatibility and interconnection with others’ Public Cloud Platform, so as to provide ease of use and flexibility for all users.”

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IPServerOne Solutions Managing
Director Lee Cheung Loong

Defined as shared pools of configurable computer and higher-level systems characterised by rapid deployment potential with minimal management effort, often over the Internet, Lee sees Cloud solutions as well-suited for the operational and budget requirements of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

One of their primary advantages is their flexibility, with a Cloud server setup comprising anything from a single stand-alone virtual machine to complex virtual environments incorporating with multiple Cloud providers.

Hybrid models take this a step further, streamlining operations across multiple IT environments, improving latency, and improving policy enforcement and compliance, among other benefits. “The beauty of Cloud hosting lies in its scalability and limitless potential, and the fact that it gradually grows with you,” says Lee.

Another corollary of Cloud’s scalability is adaptability; enterprises can add and remove access to resources as and when needed or during special events, allowing them to better manage ongoing hardware and data management costs. As such, clients can avoid paying for unutilised resources such as high memory and bandwidth during times when events are not running.

However, for the companies with predictable workload and storage space which are non-dynamic, a local data centre provider is more recommended. This helps balance the dynamic computing and IT spending in long-term.

In addition, Cloud hosting is open to enterprises of every scale, giving businesses the IT infrastructure they need and minimising the need for a dedicated infrastructure team.
However, the need of experts who know how to integrate the infrastructure remains, which is where IPServerOne’s portfolio comes in.

A Homegrown Endeavour

Established in 2003 in a small office on Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, IPServerOne’s scope has grown to encompass over 50,000 domestic and international clients, with an employee
roster of more than 50 professionals providing a range of enterprise web hosting solutions.

Today, it manages over 5,000 servers at its five different data centres throughout Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, partnering with eight Internet backbone providers for network traffic route management to ensure availability and operational redundancy. Its portfolio includes dedicated server, Cloud, email and web hosting, co-location solutions,
and domain name, managed and migration services.

“Cloud computing is commonly used across many industries now. Both public and private Cloud adoption has grown in 2018, with larger enterprises increasing their focus on public Cloud solutions. Regarding IPServerOne’s domestic client base, over 5,000 enterprises in Malaysia have adopted our Cloud platform, and this number is increasing every day,” says Lee.

In addition, the advance of communications technology has shortened deployment and migration time frames significantly, subject to factors such as database size, migration start dates, legacy server performance as well as bandwidth and latency between legacy and IPServerOne servers.

“In general, however, IPServerOne Cloud platforms are being provided self-service and on-demand, so even vast amounts of computing resources can be provisioned in minutes, typically with just a few mouse clicks. This gives businesses ample flexibility while taking away the pressures of capacity planning,” says Lee.

The provider’s customised hosting solutions, which include Data Security, High Availability, Disaster Recovery and Custom Application Services Packages, can be adjusted according to the requirement profiles of a given client, boosting efficiency, productivity and ease-of-use.

Providing Peace of Mind

In addition, IPServerOne’s hybrid Cloud infrastructures balance business continuity with dynamic computer resource management, delivering peace of mind to its client base.

“We all know that downtime equals loss of business income and potential customers. Whether you are hosting an e-commerce website or any other kind of application, uptime is crucial to your business reputation and customer satisfaction. At IPServerOne, we guarantee 99.9% uptime throughout the year. With over 1,000 peering connections, our customers can also expect better connectivity with lower latency,” says Lee.

IPServerOne solutions ensures that digital assets pass through a secure network and are protected from data breaches, theft, natural disasters, accidents and other incidents while stored in its servers. As a PCI DSS compliance-certified hosting vendor, all its infrastructure, including its dedicated suite at the CJ1 Data Centre in Cyberjaya, is guaranteed secure in terms of the transmission, storage and processing of credit card information and other sensitive customer data.

“Besides that, we are also an ISO 27001-certified company in Malaysia operating in a safe environment, following all required methodology and regulations in terms of security and guaranteeing the safety and confidentiality of customer data. To ensure user infrastructure remains accessible 24/7, our network locally incorporates up to 100Gbps Anti-DDoS to safeguard our users against any kind of attack, regardless size or duration,” says Lee.

“In addition, we emphasise local support as a hosting provider, with a professional support team available 24/7 through phone and tickets. We are also Malaysia’s first Cloud hosting provider to offer on-demand instances with an hourly billing option.”

Tel: 03-2026-1688 (24 X 7 Support)


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