AIA Rewards Malaysians For Living Healthy


AIA Bhd has introduced A-Plus Health, featuring first-in-market benefits designed to provide Malaysians with optimal medical coverage at times of need while rewarding them for taking steps to live healthily.

The insurer’s latest innovation comes with a unique feature dubbed the Health Wallet. For every year that a customer does not make a claim from A-Plus Health, an amount will be credited into his Health Wallet, up to 10 times.

The customer can then use the amount accumulated in the wallet for preventive care services and additional medical expenses that are typically not covered by most medical plans, such as health screenings and vaccinations, artificial limb and hearing aid expenses, coverage for congenital conditions, recovery care for cancer, stroke and heart attack, and more.

Speaking to the media at the launch, Anusha Thavarajah, AIA’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “As one of the leading providers of life and health insurance in Malaysia, we are always pushing ourselves to come up with innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. The healthcare landscape is changing, with more Malaysians suffering from non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer.”

“As healthcare costs continue to rise, many are finding it hard to cope with the long-term cost of treatment for these critical illnesses. In fact, findings from the latest AIA Healthy Living Index survey revealed that 57% of Malaysian respondents expressed concerns about the potential costs of treating critical illnesses. They claimed to face a considerable ‘financing gap’ where savings, insurance coverage and government health provisions may not be enough to fund such treatments.”

“On the other hand, we are also seeing Malaysians’ overall satisfaction with their health and habits improving slightly in this latest survey. People are also increasingly likely to behave more healthily. Keeping these factors in mind, we are very proud to be able to bring to market a total healthcare solution that supports the customer’s health journey – from prevention, to when they fall sick, to recovery. A-Plus Health is the complete package, and yet another fine example of our continuous commitment to innovation,” added Anusha.

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Anusha (right) notes that 57% of Malaysian respondents expressed concerns about the potential costs of treating critical illnesses.

Heng Zee Wang, AIA’s Chief Marketing Officer, concurred: “Medical protection should not mean only being there for our customers one day if the unfortunate happens. We at AIA want to be there for our customers every day, during healthy and not-so-healthy moments.”

“With A-Plus Health, we are once again changing the game for traditional medical and health insurance because this plan has gone beyond just helping to take care of hospital bills. It rewards customers who make efforts to stay healthy with tangible benefits such as the Health Wallet and Health Rewards. All these have enabled us to live up to our promise of empowering our customers to live healthier, longer, better lives.”

A-Plus Health is a medical rider that can be attached to AIA’s regular premium investment-linked plan, A-LifeLink 2, and is available to anyone between the age of 14 days and 70 years old. Parents can also purchase A-Plus Health for their pre-born child with a gestational age of 14 weeks and above. They can attach the medical rider to A-Life Joy 2, AIA’s flexible investment-linked plan that provides coverage and savings opportunity for the child.

Besides providing comprehensive medical coverage up to age 100, A-Plus Health also comes with a high annual limit (the maximum amount a customer can claim per year) of up to RM2mil, with no lifetime limit.

To encourage and motivate Malaysians to lead a healthier lifestyle, A-Plus Health is integrated with AIA Vitality, the insurer’s science-backed health programme. Customers who purchase A-Plus Health and sign up as AIA Vitality members will enjoy additional benefits under its Health Reward feature without having to pay additional premiums.

Depending on the customer’s AIA Vitality membership status, they are entitled to a 100% upgrade in amount for hospital room and board as well as an increase up to 10% in the annual amount credited into their Health Wallet.

AIA Vitality, which was launched in Malaysia in 2016, provides its members with the knowledge, tools and motivation to help them achieve their health goals. Members are incentivised to actively engage in health and wellness activities, with rewards and benefits such as savings and discounts from AIA Vitality partners.


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